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RIP: The Woodlands Grove of English Elms
 In late May (2014) The Woodlands discovered that several of the elms in this historic grove were exhibiting signs of Dutch elm disease. Testing confirmed the infection, and treatment was started immediately. Unfortunately, three of the trees required immediate removal in an effort to protect the remaining elms from infection. The remaining four trees were inoculated in an attempt to keep them disease free, an effort that was made possible with the support of The Woodlands community.
Despite these efforts, last summer all four of these remaining elms began to show symptoms of Dutch elm disease, and by the end of the summer, the trees were fully infected. The Woodlands will begin removal of these trees over the next few weeks, as the limbs are considered a danger to visitors, as well as a threat to the headstones that rest below. We will leave significant portions of the trunks as a reminder of their massive presence in the landscape, and as a habitat for wildlife. In addition, we are looking for creative uses for the wood from these trees.
RIP to these magnificent trees. If you’d like to contribute to The Woodlands Tree Fund, to help with tree replanting efforts, you can do so here.


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